Name It & Claim It: I wanted a Chihuahua.

Name It & Claim It:  I wanted a Chihuahua.
I wanted a Chihuahua. A dog to fit into a bag. A travel companion who looked good in scarves.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Dear Martin,

Dear Martin,

You have been named and claimed.

When I moved to Lucca in 1999, I started noticing all the dogs here. MarcAntonio, the apricot coloured poodle who owned Via Roma...Angelina, the doggie at the pizzaria...Socrates, the pincher mix on Via S. Andrea...Argo, the dalmation, and, Nina and Olivia, the yorkies next door. And I started thinking, 'I'm gonna get a dog. I'm gonna get a chihuahua.'

As I write, Mart is lying next to me. He is my constant companion. This summer we will make our third trip to the U.S. and he will be the stellar traveller he has been from the beginning. He is my buddy. I love him.

I named and claimed him.