Name It & Claim It: I wanted a Chihuahua.

Name It & Claim It:  I wanted a Chihuahua.
I wanted a Chihuahua. A dog to fit into a bag. A travel companion who looked good in scarves.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't always listen to your guidance counselor, kids

New York magazine photographer Patrick McMullen high school guidance counselor asked him what he wanted to be. He couldn't say. Then the counselor asked the question that all counselors should ask: What do you love doing?

When McMullen told him that he liked going to parties, he said, 'Forget it. You'll never get a job like that.'

This week Mr. McMullen is covering the parties and festivities surrounding Fashion Week in New York.

Visit your guidance counselor. The questions are good because they get you thinking.

And for those of us who are out of H.S., make sure you keep the counselor's voice in your head in check. Unless of course it is saying, 'Dream bigggggg. Bigggggger. Name it and Claim it.'

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